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Why do Shakuntali Siberia’s seminras cost money?

Shakuntali Siberia answers 

Each of us dreams of being healthy, happy and successful. But not everyone can achieve this. Today we talked with Shakuntali Siberia about what needs to be done for this and whether it is expensive to take an individual practice or acquire a magical protective talisman.

– You probably often hear that your seminars are expensive? 

Shakuntali Siberia: Yes, they say so. But you need to understand what to compare. The most frequently people just do not understand the price of these things. They have never came into contact with this type of energy, and they have never used this type of service. But at the same time, plane tickets, for example, are also expensive, and this does not surprise anyone. After all, there is simply no other way to quickly get to another continent.

If you want to be on an island on the other side of the planet, you have to pay more than one thousand dollars for tickets. But you take it for granted.

– Anyway, trips to distant countries are quite rare, and your seminars are held regularly… 

Shakuntali Siberia: Sure. At the same time, many people spend on coffee daily an amount equal to paying for one seminar per week in a group. And going to the cinema costs about the same. People are happy to spend their money and time to go to the premiere of the movie. Because everyone does it this way, that is common, new films are constantly being advertised. And when people are invited to attend a seminar, they are in perplexity.

The fact is that they do not know the true value of the knowledge that we offer. Some of them even believe that they are buying a pig in a poke))) And really, what is, for example, karma cleanse? A person does not understand what result he or she will receive from this ritual.

Ice cream, new shoes, a car are material and understandable expenses, besides they are very advertised.

– Well, yes, advertising is everywhere. It’s even amazing how we used to live without it, not knowing which yogurt is the most healthy, and which perfume is the sexiest … 

Shakuntali Siberia: Exactly. For example, in an eau de toilette advertisement, a model poses embracing with a posh guy. And all women seek to acquire such perfume, not paying attention to its high cost. After all, as a result, they are waiting for the attention of such a tough man, as in advertising. But in the end, everything turns out not so rosy at all.

Nevertheless, they still spend money on what they see in this ad.

Because they have an idea of ​​the result. But what result will be from the karma cleanse, they do not know. They can’t understand that thanks to this procedure, their life will radically change, they will be able to heal themselves, to solve their problems in a relationship with a partner, to help their family, their friends and relatives, and to become happy.

Why are the seminars of Shakuntali Siberia so expensive?

– Karma cleanse is in fact such an expensive procedure? 

Shakuntali Siberia: If you are asked how much your health is worth, can you tell the price? You can’t. Because it is priceless! And when a person comes to my seminars and begins to practice regularly, his health becomes much better.

Many people, before visiting my seminars, are treated for a long time and unsuccessfully in different clinics, spend huge amounts of money on doctors and medicines. But nobody advised them to cleanse karma!

The person was waiting for support and help from others. With a knowledgeable look, all-knowing advisers sent him or her to clinics, advised to perform operations and to be treated with insanely expensive rare medications.

And the person was sure: as the treatment is expensive, then the result will be excellent. But maybe someone had an excellent result, but not he or she.

This treatment did not help him/her and the money wasted in vain. But the person still does not lose hope, and everything begins in a circle. This is the so-called wheel of Samsara…

– Why it happens? 

Shakuntali Siberia: Everything is simple here. Our world rests on three sectors, we can even say, on three pillars.

The first is food. A large part of our savings is spent on the purchase of products and various delicacies. A supermarket is now in every house. We are given to our belly and sometimes we don’t even know what else to treat ourselves to. We do not have time to throw away what we have not eaten, as we are already buying new products. Too much food and lack of movement causes obesity and related diseases.

When we take sick, we turn to the next sector – pharmaceuticals. Along with a supermarket, we can also find a pharmacy on every corner. Trying to cure problems caused by unhealthy diet, we buy drugs.

And after that we immediately turn to the third sector – the beauty industry. It helps us to hide all our imperfections and diseases under a false mask.

Nails, eyelashes, eyebrows, an expensive cream from wrinkles and black circles under the eyes – all this only creates the appearance of a beautiful and healthy person.

And hiding the problems under a layer of makeup, we are missing out on valuable time that we could spend on healing.

Why are the seminars of Shakuntali Siberia so expensive?

– People just don’t know another way to live. 

Shakuntali Siberia: But it is real to change the situation! No, energy cannot be bought, just as happiness or health cannot be bought. But energy can be received from Cosmos, from nature, from Places of Power. To learn how to use this energy, you must visit our seminars, which are now held in online mode and are available to absolutely everyone! At my seminars, you can gain invaluable experience of taking individual practices and try out the protective properties of talismans, to find out how it works.

And then you will understand that the price of seminars is actually not high, because as a follow-on you get truly invaluable knowledge and skills that will make you another person – healthy, happy and successful one.

You can also meet my students at the seminars and hear amazing stories about how my seminars rocked their world. You will see what an ordinary person can achieve by developing the energy abilities, inherent by nature. You will not see this in advertising posts or on TV. And that is why choose with your heart. Among the advertising glitz, choose the path of spiritual perfection in order to change your life and the life of your close people.

Higher forces will help you with this. The main thing is to open your heart to these changes, this energy that comes from the tutor. You will acquire protective talismans, and they will strengthen your energy. And the result will simply amaze you. When choosing between a beach vacation in Hawaii and a retreat at a Place of Power, make the right choice!

It may be at the same price, but what you get in the retreat is simply incommensurable in price. This is happiness, changes in life, health and beauty from nature!

Divine power chose me to be your guide, and I will help you to find the right path!

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