Why do women determine the future of all humanity?
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Why do women determine the future of all humanity?

Shakuntali Siberia explains

You are very likely not to consider yourself a superwoman. We are sure that you are an absolutely ordinary person who has a hard time influencing her own destiny, to say the least about all humanity. But that’s not true! Almost any woman is capable of influencing our entire world. Shakuntali Siberia explains why it happens.

If there is no charge…

Imagine that you managed to get out into nature. You were taking pictures, shooting videos, publishing them on Instagram or other social networks actively. As a result, the battery in your phone just died. You can hardly find a power outlet with electricity in the middle of the forest or on the bank of the river, where you are currently on vacation. So what should you do in this situation? 

You only have one option to use a power bank. It will bring your cell phone back to life instantly.

What if it’s not the phone we talk about, but a person? You’ve probably put a lot of effort into finding an opportunity to go on a picnic. Your car, various delicacies, equipment – you have spent a good penny for all these attributes of a good rest. And, you spent your energy to earn money to buy all these things.

Is there such a power bank with the help of which you can really recharge your lost youth, excitement, health? There is! This is what we want to tell you about.

How are men unique?

A healthy man who develops his abilities is always focused on activity and desire to achieve goals. The phone was just an example. Whatever its model is. It may not be the coolest one, but its main purpose  is to solve current problems and change the world around it. 

A man faces the same task – to change the world. Some men are involved in creating this world, and someone in its destruction. But both need energy.

If there is no energy, the man loses the activity and joy of life and begins to search for new joys in alcoholic drinks, drugs, computer games. This becomes one of the ways to get away from this intolerable reality.

How is a woman unique?

A healthy woman always aims to help others. If you think this statement is groundless because you have not noticed the craving for such activities, pay close attention to the word “healthy”. It is the key phrase.

A sick woman is usually anxious, oppressed, and needs energy support. A little later, we will talk about one of the most effective ways to get this support and teach special practices to help yourself or any woman you know.

A woman who is healthy is a very powerful source of energy.

Imagine: her body transforms an enormous amount of energy that is enough to create a new life, to carry and give birth to a baby. However, this is only possible if the woman is really in good health and does not waste her energy on fear or negative.  

This is the kind of woman who wants to help her loved ones – parents, children, and partners. In this situation, a woman is the power-bank for those with whom she communicates. When a woman managed to reveal her skills properly, she strives to help all people around her.

She is called a woman with an open heart. She is always at the center of everyone’s attention. They want to marry her, invite her to high social positions, and appoint her as a leader of social projects.

When a woman reveals all her skilss, she begins not only to emit powerful energy, but also teaches other women how to transform this energy and redirect it to improve their lives and destiny, and the life of all humanity.

In today’s world, Shakuntali Siberia has become such a woman. She acquired wise knowledge when she was young and became a successor to the traditions of Siberian shamanism.

Shakuntali Siberia and the Ukok Princess

Divine transformative energy

You have probably felt a surge of energy when someone gives you a sincere smile, friendly approval, warm embrace. Some of you even wanted to do something big and positive after that.

Imagine that each of us would get our share of that positive good energy. Doctors, businessmen, lawyers, politicians, military men, police, teachers, cooks – everyone will get their share of the warmth that will fill their hearts and encourage them to do something good, really useful for the future of the planet.

Can you imagine? There is nothing impossible in it! For this we should thank those women who received wise knowledge and energy support at Shakuntali Siberia’s events. They bring photos of their loved ones to the classes and consultations, ask to hold a ritual for them or to pick up an amulet that will be able to remove troubles from their lives, to protect and cure them.

Shakuntali Siberia helps everyone, of course. And she wants to reveal one very important secret now. 

The energy of a woman who works on herself is always transferred to those with whom she interacts. This means that she helps her loved ones to become happier, healthier, more successful, richer.

Why is this happening? Any woman is always open to accepting divine transformative energy. And it is she who will be the best conductor of that energy for those around her.

When we are in Shakuntali Siberia’s strongest energy field, we get a powerful charge of positive power. Next to such woman all her relatives and friends blossom, their lives and destiny undergo positive changes.

That is why it is so important to attend the seminars, to do energy practices all the time. The individual practices of Shakuntali Siberia are considered to be the strongest, they help purify the subtle body and fill it with fresh, pure, positive energy of Power. The whole world around starts to change next to such a woman. That is the essence of cosmic law.

Erin, Los Angeles:

“When I first attended Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar, my mother was in her 80s. It’d been over 30 years she could not see at that time. Of course, she had more than one surgery. But they weren’t helping. In addition to vision problems, my mother was diagnosed with bronchial asthma of a very serious degree.

For my mom to feel good, she needed constant treatment and rehabilitation courses, as well as powerful drugs, which cost just crazy money. 

The insurance did not cover all the expenses, and my financial situation was unenviable.

It was at that difficult moment in my life when the Higher Powers brought me to Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar. I did not doubt a moment to spend my last money on her class. It was some subconscious feeling of certainty that this money would be useful, become a donation to save my mother. Especially since the money from Shakuntali Siberia’s activities goes to charity! 

I am madly happy now! I offer my prayers to God that he brought me to Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar one day! My beloved mommy has been gradually recovering her eyesight for several months now. 

All major improvements had happened just as I was participating in the Shakuntali Siberia’s events.

Can you imagine how strong the energy impact was? 

My mother’s left eye can already see 100%, and her right eye is also recovering. But yesterday my mother made an appointment to see an ophthalmologist because she felt that her both eyes could see equally good! Today, the doctor confirmed it, and he is in a slight shock, because this is the first time in his practice. 

A person who has hardly seen only the outlines of people for the last ten years has almost completely started to see clearly without medical intervention!

Besides, my mother has not been disturbed by constant asthma attacks for six months. She has not been using her oxygen concentrator for a long time. She’s generally feeling alive now and plans to travel to the seaside.  

Also, I was offered a promotion at work, and my income tripled! That’s amazing and just great!”

The practice of “Emergency Battery Charging” 

Shakuntali Siberia offers an effective practice that gives a woman the opportunity to connect to an inexhaustible source of energy. It’s like connecting your phone to an electrical network. To do this, you need to perform simple actions on your own or with a friend:

Why do women determine the future of all humanity?

  1. Stand straight, with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders.
  2. Place your left palm at the bottom of your abdomen and cover it with your right hand. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a tunnel.
  3. Start swinging as if pushing the walls of the corridor left and right with your hips, making it wider and wider. Breathe in with your nose and breathe out with your mouth. Imagine that the tunnel of your possibilities becomes wider, transforming into a wide path.
  4. Pull your hands towards the walls, make rotational movements with your hands, imagining yourself spooling pearl necklaces on them as a symbol of well-being. At the same time rotate your hips clockwise, making the movement wider and wider.

Feel the energy draw in from the space next to you and concentrates at the bottom of your abdomen

  1. Put your palms at the bottom of your abdomen again. But this time put your left hand on the top.  Start drawing the sign of infinity with your hips. Feel how you learn to manage your energy, you guide it to those you want to support. In your thoughts, wish them all the best, success and good luck, health and prosperity.
  2. Stop and put your palms to your heart. Close your eyes and watch your renewed condition for a few minutes. Inwardly, thank the whole planet, the whole world, the Higher Powers for their help and patronage.

And remember the cosmic law! Please do not forget that you are the source of well-being of your family and the future of our planet! You are the very woman who has the power to keep in her hands the world based on love and happiness, harmony and joy! Do you want to make sure of this? Attend Shakuntali Siberia’s classes and sign up for her online school!

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