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Why should all the women across the globe unite? - Shakuntali
Why should we unite
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Why should all the women across the globe unite?

How will the circular prayer help to stop catastrophes and natural disasters

Tsunamis, floods, wars, man-made accidents, professional negligence, violence – all of this is the result of human actions and thoughts. This madness can be stopped only by combined efforts! Why do we really need to join? Only circular prayer can stop the destructive energy. Will you join us?

Why does nature ask for help? 

Every year we are horrified by the power of natural disasters: fires, floods, earthquakes. They are on the rise. People suffer, their houses are destroyed at a time when mudflows and tsunamis wipe out the entire cities, and animals and birds die. Only the combined efforts of indifferent people, volunteers, rescuers, firefighters and students of Shakuntali Siberia have been helping to defeat the force of nature.

Why do we need to join? Each of us contributes to the salvation of people and nature, someone helps physically, the another – in psychological way, the third – from a spiritual side, thanks to prayers. The association of different people creates the strongest energy capable to stop catastrophes.

Does nature wish people harm? No, it’s just a consequence of people’s actions and thoughts.

Stupidity, avidity, selfishness, hatred, indifference, violence or self-assertion at the expense of others – all these factors feed the evil spirits and fill the energy of the Earth with destructive and uncontrollable force.

Nature is no longer able to restrain it and asks humankind for help. All the students of Shakuntali Siberia pray for the salvation of the planet and the entire human race at the workshops and retreats.

We live in a denser information realm. We can see a lot of  gossips, insults, murders, deception and theft, personal and family tragedies, divorces and violence, the number of orphans and lonely old people while watching TV and surfing the Internet.

Anyway, you can change it! You can save not only nature, but your beloved ones as well as absolutely strangers from pain and grief.

The Woman – Earth and humanity Savior

Only a woman, the personification of love and life, the heart of the family and the whole lineage, can give the sacred power and energy to the prayer. In different parts of the World, in large and small cities Shakuntali Siberia conducts seminars and group classes, inviting every woman to join her prayer. Why do women need to be united? 

If they unite and remember their special mission, the Earth will be freed from pain and move to a new level of development. At the head of the relationship will be mutual understanding and respect, because nature will be able to harmonize the entire world.

Perhaps you doubt and do not believe that you really possess such power? “I can’t cope, it’s such a huge responsibility. How can I save the whole world, it is impossible” – but remember that every word, thought and prayer fill the world with energy. It depends on you whether it will be creative or destructive. 

There is a divine potential in every woman. Thanks to retreats, individual and group classes, spiritual practices, you can reveal the deeply hidden forces, the true purpose and direct the reborn force to the salvation of mankind.

Why should we unite

Carmen, Mexico City: 

“After covering up the black eye with cosmetics, I put on a turtleneck and a long skirt. I got used to hide all these tears, frustration and bruises… Parents turn a blind eye, colleagues simply did not know, and friends… As it turns out, I don’t have any. It never occurred to anyone of my relatives that they should have needed to unite and help me. After all, this is a family matter, it concerns only me and my husband…

I learned to be inconspicuous, to handle myself and not to complain.

But today I was happy, and for the first time I wanted to smile. For several days I attended Shakuntali Siberia seminars where I was re-learning to live. 

I received an invitation to this seminar from my son’s teacher. And I picked up ears. I hadn’t trusted anyone for a long time, and I wasn’t looking for any support. But the teacher asked me not to jump to conclusions and just listen to my heart. What will it tell me? That was the first time I visited the classroom and realized that I finally came to the family where there is understanding, respect and love.

The first day Shakuntali Siberia invited me to join the circular prayer “Field of love”. All the women sent their forces to help people trapped in a fire in the Siberian forest – there were terrible fires. I was very scared, as it was a huge responsibility. I could see the creepy pictures I’d seen on the Internet. 

During the prayer I cried quietly, I could not concentrate. I thought I was going to ruin everything, but I couldn’t help it.

Shakuntali Siberia was very supportive. She understood, and asked no questions about my strange make-up, or my closed clothes (although it was very hot), or the tears in my eyes. However, there was the another thing which surprised me most of all. It turned out that the power of my faltering prayer was not less than the other students’ one, and even more.

“Why?”,- I asked.  The point was that the heart which had experienced love and pain, compassion and support, – is able to work miracles. 

I didn’t know then, but our prayer helped to save the Forester and his family, trapped in the fire and cut off from rescuers. By some miracle, the fire stopped just a kilometer from their house! 

When I found out about it, I realized the great power of this prayer and the reason why all the women should unite to carry it out.

On the second day I came in for an individual consultation with Shakuntali Siberia, where they could finally talk it out and understand what will help me. It was so valuable and important to me. How tired I was of being silent! And how happy  that Shakuntali Siberia had given me the strength to resist the madness in my life! 

She explained what practices should be performed, what amulets should be purchased for myself and for my son. And why it was so important to attend group classes between seminars.

I left my husband. I found a place to live, changed my hated job, threw away my old phone number — I crossed out the past.

All my free time I dedicate to the organization of Shakuntali Siberia seminars and volunteer initiatives. Thanks to Shakuntali Siberia, classes and new friends, I know that you are worthy of respect and love! I won’t let anyone hurt me again”.

Why should we unite


Do you still wonder why all women need to unite? We encourage you to join our large spiritual family! Come to group classes and seminars of Shakuntali Siberia in order to pray for the salvation of the Earth and invite others! Contact Shakuntali Siberia for personal advice. She will teach you how to help yourself, your family and other people with prayer. Use the magical power of talismans and amulets. Share the information about Shakuntali Siberia with other people, share with them links to articles of our website. 

Even the smallest step can change the future! Help people and the Universe will help you!

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