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Winter solstice is a day that can change your life - Shakuntali
Winter solstice
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Winter solstice is a day that can change your life

How do you welcome correctly, so you’ll be lucky all year long? 

Do you want to wake up in the morning and your loved one to serve you a cup of aromatic tea? Do you want to always have flowers in your house? Do you want to appreciate and respect yourself so much that the whole world loves you and helps you achieve your goal? Then you need to spend the winter solstice correctly. Shakuntali Siberia will tell you how to do it.

Energy of the Sun 

The year 2020 is approaching. Our wise ancestors knew that the power of the year begins during the winter solstice. This year it will be December 22. 

What is the winter solstice? This is a special point. A special date in the year when the sun has a very strong influence on all living things on earth. Have you ever wondered who we are in relation to the sun? Imagine you are standing in the sun and see a small blue ball somewhere far down there. It’s the Earth. And somewhere on this little blue ball there is a continent, on the continent there is a city, in this city there is a man who is called by your name. 

We are crumbs in relation to the sun. We are small particles of this huge universe. Who are we to the sun?

If it affects the planets, holding them around with its power, then of course, the power of the sun affects us. 

Our ancestors knew that on the day of the winter solstice the new year begins. A new force that spins during the year, reaching its climax in the summer solstice. Three days before the solstice and three days after the solstice, a spiritual program for the future is created.

How to prepare for the solstice? 

  1. Ask for forgiveness 

Ask forgiveness from the land that gave you your lineage, the power of your life. And thank the universe for all the good things it has given you in the passing year.

  1. Help others 

We can’t go to a new level of development to the God, happiness, abundance, success, if we don’t reach out to those who need help. Start any good deed: charity or volunteering. Do not know where to start? Write Shakuntali Siberia. She has been helping people all over the world for many years. She will tell you who you can help.

  1. Spend time with like-minded people 

Come together one evening before the winter solstice or December 22. Who do you want to meet on that day? Those who are spiritually close to you: family, friends, or even better, other Shakuntali Siberia’s students at a seminar or group class.

Winter solstice is a day that can change your life

Wear all the talismans and amulets you obtained at Shakuntali Siberia’s workshops. Because there lives your assistant and helper spirit in these talismans.  Bring with you the prints of those practices that give you power.

Spend the day in power, confidence, joy, faith in your spirit and your future.

May you have a state of joy, happiness, faith and love in these moments when the sun begins its birth. Do we agree? 

  1. Give gifts to people 

Do you like giving presents? How do you feel when you give a gift? Pleasant, isn’t it? Your heart opens. You want the person to like this gift, and they experienced positive emotions.

Do you know why we like to give gifts?

Because when people around us feel good, we feel good too. 

Give presents prior to the winter solstice (3 days before it), and 3 days after it. It can be something you have made with your heart, with your soul. Or something purchased in a shop. Or what you don’t need anymore, and you give it to those who need it. Why not? And it can be a kind word. Wish of happiness. Love. Hugs. A call to a friend you haven’t seen for a very long time. 

The form of the gift is not important. The main thing is that it contains a piece of love, God, your guardian angel to people. 

Open the chakras so that all your dreams come true 

To properly prepare for the new year, you need to open up, activate all your chakras. For example, you can activate one of them every day. In this case, Shakuntali Siberia advises to start the happiness marathon 6 days before the Winter Solstice Day.

Winter solstice

Day one: muladhara chakra. 

It is the basis, the foundation, on which the entire human energy system is built. It creates the basis for physical life, creation and magic abilities.

This is chakra with red color of energy, which is in the coxes in the part of our spine. And in that days it’s very important for you to feel the state of health, you need to run, you need to work,you need to move a lot and especially to wear red colors in your dresses and in your clothes. And very important to eat the food which is with a red colors. It can be some meat, some apples, some juices in red colors and something else.

When you will eat this food and during all the day, please, cultivate this special thought: “I wish to be healthy to myself, my family and all the world. I’m healthy and active. 

Day two: svadhisthana chakra. 

This is chakra with orange energy. It gives us qualities of femininity, flexibility, sensuality to you. Today is very important to wear very femininity clothes and use orange colors in your outfit and especially you need to eat products with orange color. It can be oranges, it can be some juices. And now very important to eat this food with a special affirmations and cultivate this affirmation, this thoughts in your head during all this second day.

And this affirmation is: ”I am beautiful and feminine”.

Day three: manipura chakra. 

Manipura chakra is in the center at the level of our solar plexus, and this is yellow energy of success, abundance, power. And in that day it is very important to be very active, to do everything what you maybe didn’t do before, to act this is your credo, your motto on this day. And it’s very important to wear the cloth, your outfit need to have the yellow colors. It will give you energy of the sun and attract a lot of happiness and abundance in your life. And how we need to charge our food? Our food needs to be in this day in the, with the yellow colors too. You can eat the cheese, drink some juices, eat lemon and everything what is with the yellow colors.

Let’s charge this products: “I wish abundance to myself, to all my friends and all the world. I am active and successful”.

Day four: anahata chakra. 

Today we will attract energy to anahata chakra, attract love, compassion, harmony and peace what is very important for women specially and all our world. And the color of anahata chakra is green. And in this day very important to wear green color in your cloth. And about food: you need to prepare food with the green colors. It can be green apples, it can be salad, it can be different vegetables and fruits of green color. And now we will this food with the special affirmation:

“I wish love and happiness to myself, all my family and the entire world. I love myself and everyone around”.

Day five: vishuddha chakra. 

Vishuddha chakra this is our individuality, creativity, this is art of connection and of the blessing words. And if you want to attract this energy in all the year 2020, open your talents, follow your mission in this day you need to use, to do, to create. You need to create something, you need to play music, you need to sing, you need to create something with your hands. But be creative it’s very important, be individuality. Please use very bright colors in your outfit, it can be light blue color. And all your food need to be, you need to create in this day something very delicious, what you may be liked in your childhood, maybe you want something to cook, but you don’t have time always. But this is the day of creation, and you need to do it.

And when you will do it, we will charge this food with a special energy, with a special words: ”I wish creativity to myself, all my family and all the world. I am creative, I am talented”.

Day six: ajna chakra. 

Ajna chakra this is our super abilities and ability to follow the goal. And in this day it’s very important to make order everywhere: in your life, in your home, in your soul. You need to use your super abilities, you need to close your eyes, feel what my body wants, not my eyes want something, not my friends or someone else in advertisement on tv or radio show, no. You need to feel yourself, what really my organism need. If you will do like this in that day all 2020 year you will open your super abilities, you will be healthy. You will use your super abilities to help someone, for example, to feel what the person need and you can be very good friend, very good partner to your soulmate. Do you want this?

Say special words: “I wish to open super abilities to myself, all my family and the entire world. I know my goal. I will reach my goal”.

Celebrate the winter solstice correctly in the right circle of people! Come to Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars, turn to her for personal consultation, use the power of magic objects. May all your dreams come true!

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