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Karmic Womb Purification Healing

What is womb healing?

Womb healing is purifying of your womb chakra from the negative energy, fragments of the other’s energies, purifying it from the toxins and traumas. The womb healer aims at absolute woman’s health, happiness and free energetic flow inside of you.

karmic womb purification healing

Why our womb needs to be purified?

The energy inside of women is the moving force for everything happening in this world. This Energy is wandering inside of us, and womb healer Shakuntali Siberia, Northern Altai shaman priestess, sees her mission in helping every woman to restore her energy.

But where this energy is originating from? Our bodies have the energetical centers, or chakras. The most powerful female energetical center is in her womb. The womb is a very crucial part of our body, it keeps the energy and information of the past experience, of the past generation, our lineage, our own lifeline. The womb has lots of positive Energy inside, lots of love. That is why we need the spiritual womb cleansing and healing on the regular basis to free this Energy. Among all our courses and workshops, Karmic Womb Purification ceremony has perhaps the most important meaning because this is the foundation of getting our Feminine Power back and self-development.

In our modern world woman is undergoing lots of pressure every single minute. Let’s point out just some of the possible ways of our womb condition can be damaged. Womb healing is for you if you are faced with such problems:

  • Stress and anxiety at work and home. Any kind of stress or restlessness blocks the connections and the flow of the energy inside your body that in the end, leads to diseases, malaises and depression.
  • Lack of sleep. Sleeping at least 7 hours a day is necessary to stay healthy and energetically full.
  • Tight clothes. The tradition of wearing skirts for women has always been on purpose. The area of the sacred womb must always be free for proper blood and energy circulation.
  • Classic gynecologists approach. Unfortunately, in our high-tech world, we still have not learned to treat a woman properly in the medical sense The procedures and surgeries women have to go through are affirmed to be unnatural and traumatic for women’s womb health.
  • Stillbirths, abortions. The blocks, traumas and psychological effects of such tragic events of the past damage womb’s work tremendously and destroy womb energy.
  • Sedentary work. At the computer, for example. It disturbs the proper blood circulation and, thus, our womb health;
  • Chemicals, medicines. In our everyday life, any simple remedies we got used to, from aspirin to intim gels or shampoo can have a negative effect on our energy and health;
  • Bad experience with past partners. Our frustrations concerning the failed relationships and the negative energy left inside of us from our past partners has the very negative impact on our womb’s health.
  • Sexual and emotional abuse. Rude interference inside our aura whether in the physical or in an emotional way leaves huge drains in our energetical flow and damages it tremendously.

The last but not the least are the ancestral causes of womb’s losing its Energy. These are very deep causes that lie in our lineage and can be considered and solved with very close approach.

About the womb healing ceremony

As you can see, there are lots of possible impacts on our womb health, many of which we cannot even escape. That is why every woman should undergo the womb chakra healing on a regular basis. Shakuntali Siberia’s spiritual womb capabiliies cleanse this chakra very deeply and cover all the possible impacts.

Womb healing ceremony is a complicated act based on the ancient womb purification rituals. The ceremony includes:

  1. Womb awakening;
  2. Womb cleansing on metaphysical and therapeutic methods;
  3. Womb healing meditations for opening your heart and mind;
  4. Ancient practices to keep the effect for a possible long time.

Shakuntali Siberia uses the ancient womb purification rituals and it gives the possibility to make cleaning and healing of the womb in most natural way. Spiritual womb cleansing ritual covers all the aspects of the damage that was done to your womb and it is based on the healing ways that Shakuntali Siberia has got from her Spiritual Tutors.

shakuntali womb healing

What you get as a result of this sacral womb purification healing ceremony

As a result of sacral womb healing, you get:

  • Unhindered flow of the goddess energy inside your body;
  • Health of all parts and organs of your body;
  • Fertility level increase;
  • Magic empowerment of your body and soul;
  • Your mindset transformation leading to happiness and success.

Use all the power of your womb with our Karmic Womb Healing Ceremony.

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