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Women's Spiritual Retreat

All our women’s spiritual retreat are aimed at the women filling up with the energy at all levels to become a Woman of Power. The female energy influences all the aspects of our everyday life so it is very important to accumulate it and not to lose it in vain.

women's spiritual retreat

Why I should go to a women’s spiritual retreat?

How will you feel after our spiritual retreat training?

  • strong as never before;
  • self-confident and calm;
  • knowing something most people do not know;
  • finding an anti-stress method, knowing that you won’t be under the stress anymore;
  • prepared for any changes in your life;
  • super powerful;
  • able to influence the events of your life and relationships with the people;
  • discovering yourself anew;
  • finding your predestination;
  • able to help the others and yourself;
  • knowing that you know yourself at last: your needs and your hidden wishes;
  • renewal of yourself.

Yet, these are very fragile skills that we should keep, take care and cherish. In our everyday life, there are lots of opportunities around us to waste our energy. In our women’s spiritual retreat you will learn how to work with them.

  1. Stress. We get used to it. We often do not even mention it.
    For example, the loud sharp sound from the outside suddenly awakens us up in the morning. Would you call it stress? It’s hard to imagine. Nevertheless, it is stress, and it influences our hormone systems, thus, – our energy balance.
  2. Lack of sleep. Do you sleep less than 7 hours a day? Sleep 7 hours but go to bed later than 11 P.M? All this means the tremendous harm to your health and appearance. And of course – the level of your energy.
  3. People. Communicating, making friends, business negotiation – this all is great but remember that every person you meet may influence you, not in a positive way sometimes. Especially if you are not trained enough yet not to fall under the influence.
  4. Objects. Some objects may pull the energy out from you. And this is not mystic, this is true.
  5. Activities. Wrong activities at the wrong time, such as go dancing or to the gym when you are exhausted may do harm to your energy.
  6. Information. Huge amounts of information that are falling on our heads during the day overfill our mind and damage our energy balance.

As there are so many opportunities to lose the Energy you were filled up with during our Courses, it is very important to take steps to keep it right after the Course. Everything is possible during our spiritual retreat for women. It is one of the most powerful spiritual retreats in the USA. The purpose of this spiritual healing retreat for women is to seal the energy, to strengthen our female empowerment. The effects of the courses and training you go through will then stay with you for a long time, maybe forever.

All you have to do during this enlightenment retreat is to follow our guiding and your heart. This only-for-women energy healing retreat will only take 3 days but these days will remain with you for your entire life.

women's spiritual retreat

What will we do in a spiritual retreat?

Our shamanic retreat are the deepest spiritual retreats in the USA. Participation in our retreats means:

  • Being in Holy calm place away from society during solstice or equinox. Solstice and equinox are the astrological events that empower the effects of any ritual, practice or prayer;
  • Remembering the past lives of your soul as a Woman of Power which will make it easier for you to start living a new life using your intuition and wisdom;
  • Deep meditation in our spiritual shamanic retreat for women;
  • Making special practices that will make the handsome effect and help you to CLEAN, RECOVER, DIRECT and PROTECT your Power;
  • Listening to your Wise Guide who will accompany you on this women’s spiritual retreat path and train you to live the life of а True Woman of Power;
  • Support from your Guide and Sisters. The special aura of the surroundings, the presence of the Guide and other Women of Power will inspire, protect and encourage you.
  • The personal approach of the Guide that will help you raise up and keep the energy.

After such mental health retreats for women, it would be great if you held the practices every day to train your body and brain not to waste your energy and spend it only on the activities and people important for you.

Join our spiritual weekend retreat events and seminars and become the real Woman of Power.

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